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It has been quite a long journey for us but we are very grateful that CCA can now offer this opportunity for our chefs to take part of and accept the challenge to compete internationally. A good news indeed for all of us. So are you ready to be part of this change?

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CCA aims to gather all its members and professional chefs in order to: Introduce and promote Khmer cuisine both nationally and internationally Create platform to support all professional and junior Cambodian chefs for education and training so as to enrich their culinary standards and maximize their potential Engage in different local and international competitions to impart their knowledge and skills to other members and colleagues Foster information and communication among members and within all levels of the hospitality industry Collaborate with the government and private sectors in order to participate in any fund-raising or charity events to support aspiring junior chefs and the local community in need

Our Goals A platform to all culinarians to acquire education and training. Expose our chefs to new culinary standards with the latest food trends and products through training. Organize an event in Cambodia to promote international Khmer cuisine. Join any social and professional events to meet new people and establish long-term relations. Provide assistance, along with the government, to local communities with charity events. Attend and join local and international chefs competitions.

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